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DEPOSITS: A deposit is required to reserve facilities for a function. An additional deposit is required 6 months prior to your event. In the event of a cancellation, all deposits are 100% non-refundable and non-transferable, WITHOUT EXCEPTION.

GUARANTEE: A guaranteed guest count must be given ten (10) days prior to the function. The number you provide us will be considered a minimum guarantee, not subject to reduction, for which you will be charged, even if fewer guests attend. Angelo's and Vinci's will prepare 10% over the guaranteed number, 5% over guaranteed number if 200 guests or more.

GUEST COUNT: Client will be charged for all guests in attendance at the event whether or not a meal has been consumed. No "open door" policy allowed.

CHILDREN: Children age 5 and under are free, not to exceed 10% of your total adult guest count. Room minimums apply.

PAYMENT: Final payment is due in full ten (10) days prior to the function, by cash or cashier's check only, when final guest count is given. Credit cards are not accepted for final payment. Any additional charges incurred at the time of the function must be paid in full before the end of the function, by cash or credit card only (no checks). If function is cancelled after final payment is received, there is absolutely no refund.

SERVICE CHARGE AND SALES TAX: All prices (including bartender and disc jockey) are subject to an 19% service charge and applicable sales tax. According to California law, service charges are taxable. The 19% service charge is not a gratuity.

FOOD AND BEVERAGE: All food and beverage will be supplied by Angelo's and Vinci's Ristorante. No food or beverage may be brought into the restaurant by the guests or persons attending the function without written permission of restaurant management. Angelo's and Vinci's reserves the right to charge for service of such items. All food and beverage must be consumed on premises and may not be taken off premises (with the exception of cake and pizza).

BAR: All banquet rooms require a bartender for the duration of the function (minimum four hours), and subject to a bartender fee. If alcoholic beverages are brought on to the premises, or if any person under 21 years of age is found consuming alcoholic beverages, or if client's guests, contractees, or invitees are intoxicated on the premises, we reserve the right to discontinue alcoholic beverage service or terminate the function, at no expense to Angelo's and Vinci's Ristorante and no refund to client.

CAKE: Angelo's and Vinci's offers a wide variety of styles and flavors of cakes for your wedding reception or special occasion. Prices vary depending upon the number of guests and style of cake. All cakes provided by client are subject to a $1.00 per person dessert fee, and may be delivered and set-up no earlier than one hour prior to scheduled function.

DECORATIONS AND FLOWERS: Bud vases and candle lanterns may be arranged through Angelo's and Vinci's. Decorations and arrangements provided by client may be delivered no earlier that one hour prior to scheduled function. Exception: if centerpieces or decorations are already completely assembled (requiring absolutely no further arranging, unwrapping, water, etc.), you may bring in to the Banquet Sales Office one or two days prior to the function for our banquet staff to set out for you (free of charge!).

All decorations incorporating candles must confirm to the City of Fullerton fire ordinance codes. Candles with open flames are not allowed.

Decorations and arrangements must be free-standing. No decorations may be attached to walls, ceiling, floor or furniture. Cost of cleaning or repair will be billed to client at full cost. All decorations must be removed by client immediately following function.

Rice, birdseed, confetti, glitter, bubbles, helium-filled balloons or other such items on the premises, walkways or parking areas are strictly forbidden. (minimum $75.00 cleaning fee)

MUSIC: Angelo's and Vinci's can provide talented, professional, fun disc jockeys with a wide variety of music to fulfill all your party needs. On Saturdays, all banquet rooms require our disc jockeys and are subject to a Disc Jockey fee (for the four hour minimum). All entertainment provided by client is subject to a $175.00 utility fee (utility fee may be waived if Angelo's and Vinci's disc jockey is booked for the function). Client must provide the Banquet Sales Office with the size and dimension of all entertainment, in writing, ten days prior to the function. Entertainment may arrive no earlier than one hour prior to the scheduled function. All outside entertainment must comply to restrictions and volume levels set by Angelo's and Vinci's management.

ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: Any damages to Angelo's and Vinci's property by the guests will be the responsibility of the client. Angelo's and Vinci's is not responsible for any lost, stolen, damaged or left behind articles or merchandise.

All buffets, pizza parties and beverages are self-service.

Holiday prices may vary.

To assure your guests the highest standards of appearance and preparation of your affair, the entrance to your banquet room will remain closed until the scheduled time as indicated on the contract.

Some policies do not apply in the Stanza di Luna Room or the Terrazza di Amor.

Wi-Fi is not available.



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